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Kickstart Your Career in L&D!

Why is Learning and Development the hottest career path right now? 

The pandemic changed everything. And with this new normal, many new needs came up. One of the most essential needs that arose during the pandemic was to create engaging and durable learning content that actually made an impact. With more and more companies realizing that learning and development is an essential factor for employee engagement and in turn employee retention, the demand for learning and development professionals who could develop impactful learning skyrocketed. 

What Will You Learn?

There are many things to consider before you decide to become a Learning and Development professional. This session will cover: 


What is Learning and Development? 

In this module, we explore what Learning and Development is and what it means to work as an L&D Professional. 


Career options available within L&D

In this module, we will explore the different career options that are available within the L&D space. 


Skillset required to be an L&D Professional

This module will detail out the skill sets required to become an L&D Professional. 


How to start!

In the final module, we discuss how you can kickstart your career as an L&D professional. 

Who Can Attend? 

The short answer to this question is ANYONE! Are you a student who is just finishing college and looking for a job? Are you a working professional looking for a career change? Are you a mother on a break who wants to start working again? Are you a freelancer struggling to find your niche? 
Anyone who is interested in understanding what L&D is and how you might be able to build a career as an L&D professional, you are welcome to attend the course. 

Online Class

All that is fine, but how much will this cost? 

This highly impactful course will teach you about one of the fastest-growing industries today. It will help you identify the right profile and the skillsets you need to perform in this role.  It will help you decide how to make a career pivot into the L&D space and how to position yourself to find the right jobs for you.

Valued at 999/-

But, for a very limited period of time, I am offering this webinar for free!

Join the waitlist today and access the webinar for FREE!

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